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  • Stops 
  • Car Door Placement (in reference to the track) 
    • $0.00

      Front Entry
    • $0.00

      Left Side Entry
    • $0.00

      Right Side Entry
    • [add $643.00]

      Pass Through
    • [add $786.00]

      90 Degree Left Side
    • [add $786.00]

      90 Degree Right Side
  • Car Dimensions 
  • Car Material 
    • Stainless Steel Panels Must Match Car Dimensions Above 
  • Car Shelf 
    • Up to 4 Total 
  • Call/Send Controls 
Base Price
2 Stops$0.00
Car Door Placement (in reference to the track)
Front Entry$0.00
Car Dimensions
20"W x 20"D x 30"H (200 LB Capacity)$0.00
Car Material
Standard Coated Steel Panels (any size)$0.00
Car Shelf
No Optional Car Shelf$0.00
Call/Send Controls
1 RF Call Station Per Stop$0.00
Third Landing Door Locations (if 3 or 4 Stop)
Fourth Landing Door Locations (if 4 Stop)
First Landing Hoistway Door Swing
Door Hinged on the Right$0.00
Second Landing Hoistway Door Swing
Door Hinged on the Right$0.00
Third Landing Hoistway Door Swing (if 3 or 4 Stop)
No Third Stop$0.00
Fourth Landing Hoistway Door Swing (if 4 Stop)
No Fourth Stop$0.00
RDI Interlock
RDI Interlocks (1 per Stop Included)$0.00
10' of Extruded Aluminum Track Included$0.00
Hoistway/Access Doors
No Optional Hoistway Doors$0.00
Mounting Surface For Optional Fire Proof Doors
Dry Wall Mounted$0.00
Freight for Optional Fire Proof Doors
No Optional Fire Proof Doors Ordered$0.00
Configured Price
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