Intertek - Inspection & Compliance Services

PLI uses third-party inspection and compliance services provided by Intertek. You may recognize the ETL Intertek logo from various household appliances such as toasters vacuum cleaners microwaves, etc.

Intertek‘s purpose is to provide testing to ensure that products designed by PLI meet national standards and that the products are manufactured to the same standards and design that was tested. This ensures that the end-user has a safe and reliable product that is built to national standards set forth by the American Society of mechanical engineers, ASME.

To become listed and authorized to apply the Intertek certification label, our products were thoroughly tested in controlled laboratories and proven to be safe. The design criteria was analyzed to ensure it met national standards and specifications. Every single fastener, relay, wiring, wire type, terminal block, power supply etc. is tested and analyzed. Once our products passed the testing phase, we were granted an authorization to mark. In order to apply the decal we must build the product exactly the same way as tested. To ensure that manufacturers comply with this requirement, quarterly spot checks are performed. An Intertek inspector visits the factory quarterly, unannounced and verifies the product is being built within spec.

Intertek is an important partner for PLI to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.



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